Bathroom Design and Installation 

Top Edmonton Bathroom Design and Installation Contractors

The idea of hiring a bathroom design and installation contractor often leaves homeowners wondering what they should ask and expect. Not everyone works in the construction sector, and that means you will need to find someone you can trust to follow through and complete the bathroom on time and on budget.

At Mr. Ceramic Tile & Bathroom Renovations LTD in Edmonton, Alberta, we are a family-owned business who delivered quality services for more than 45 years. In terms of working with our community members, these are things we value.

  • Communication: Our team of experienced professionals take the time to listen and present options that meet your needs and desires.

  • Style: At Mr. Tile, we understand that each person has a style all their own. We work diligently to deliver the bathroom that reflects your vision.

  • Construction: We provide the highest quality bathroom installations that are designed to last.

  • Cost Effective: We work to deliver the best bathroom possible within the framework of your family budget.

If you are considering a new bathroom design and installation, call our Edmonton, Alberta, office and schedule a consultation today.