Bathroom Restoration

Why You Need A Bathroom Restoration in Edmonton

If you are struggling to look at a worn down, outdated bathroom in your home or commercial space, restoration is the obvious solution. While the cost of making the necessary upgrades may give you pause, it’s important to remember that bathroom renovations add value as well as quality. That being said, at Mr. Ceramic Tile & Bathroom Renovations LTD in Edmonton, Alberta, we deliver cost-effective bathroom renovation services within your budget. These are reasons worth considering when deciding to move forward.

  • Cleanliness: Outdated bathrooms tend to be prone to allowing moisture penetrations. Gaps between the floor and baseboard or tile allow water to seep into the subfloor. Also, cracked and deteriorating tile and grout allows moisture into walls. The result could be hazardous mold growths.

  • Space Matters: Bathroom renovations allow you to open up sometimes cramped rooms.

  • Appearance: The difference between a luxurious bathroom with vibrant tile and one in decline makes a wealth of difference.

If you are considering a bathroom restoration, call our Edmonton office and schedule a consultation today.