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Top Floor Installation Contractor in Edmonton

In too many cases, homeowners try to make DIY renovations that require the skill and experience of a professional. This is not to say that a handy homeowner cannot save a little money by making minor repairs and upgrades. But it’s essential to work with a professional floor installation contractor who can guarantee the work gets done right the first time.

At Mr. Ceramic Tile & Bathroom Renovations LTD in Edmonton, Alberta, we enjoy a long-standing reputation as a top floor installation contractor in the community. These are among the robust floor options we can install for you.

  • Stain-Resistant Porcelain

  • Slate and Slate-Style

  • Mosaic Tile

  • Oversized Tile

  • Natural Stone

  • Pebble Stones

  • Retro Hex

  • White and Black Ceramic

Mr. Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Renovations Ltd. are professional floor installation contractors, we deliver more than a sturdy surface to walk over. We provide home and commercial property owners with a space that is vibrant, durable and improves the value of any structure. If you need a floor installation contractor, call our Edmonton office today.

Hire A Professional Contactor

Reasons to Hire Mr. Ceramic

  • Communication: Our team of experienced professionals take the time to listen and present options that meet your needs and desires.

  • Style: At Mr. Ceramic, we understand that each person has a style all their own. We work diligently to deliver the bathroom that reflects your vision.

  • Construction: We provide the highest quality bathroom installations that are designed to last.

  • Cost Effective: We work to deliver the best bathroom possible within the framework of your family budget.

  • Quality Design: As experienced tile installers, we work diligently with everyday people to create a design that meets your needs in a cost-friendly way.

  • Quality Preparation: Our team of trained professionals adequately prepare the space before starting the job. Preparation tends to make a project run efficiently.

  • Quality Materials: Our team provides valuable information about materials so that you can make an informed decision about what goes in your bathroom.

  • Consistency: We take great pride in laying out tile and grout that appears consistent and of the highest quality.

Our Mission

Our vision is to provide the most comprehensive and personalized service.

To be a leading Tile & Bathroom company that will provide excellent services to new and current clients.

Our Vision

Mr. Ceramic Tile & Bathroom is committed to providing quality products, expert service, and a positive sales experience.

Gaining trust through knowledge and exceptional performance for over 45 years.

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