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Bathroom Tiling Renovation Contractor

This was a very nice couple to work for, this was our second bathroom for them. We have the pleasure of doing the third bathroom renovation as well.

Shower and Bathroom Tiling Renovation Contractor

We widened the entrance to the shower by removing part of the wall and the top header. This allows more airflow with easy access. We installed matte black faucets and hardware, and waterproofed and tiled the shower. A matching shower door was installed to complete the project.

We also installed beautiful tile flooring that complemented the shower flooring. Making it one cohesive look.

If you would like to set up your free in-home consultation about a shower and bathroom floor tiling renovation please call or contact us through our online form.

Shower and Bathroom Floor Tiling photo gallery

From start to finish making sure that all the waterproofing was completed. Your guests may not see all the work in the background but you will know that is what makes a bathroom last for years to come.


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