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Bathtub to Shower Conversion Remodelling

The client wanted a fresh new look by converting an old bathtub into a beautiful walk-in shower with a seat. After working with Louise for the color and Richard for the design they came up with this beautiful remodelled walk in shower with seat.

Bathtub to shower conversion Mr. Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Renovaitons

Completely Customizable Bathtub to Shower Conversion

This involves removing the walls around the existing bathtub, removing the bathtub, framing a new curb to form a shower stall, installing a shower drain, and installing a new shower faucet. Pre-filling the shower floor with cement to obtain a slope toward the shower drain before installing the rubber pan liner.

Allowing this to dry we continue installing the rubber pan liner over the prefilled shower floor and up the walls to usually 6 to 8” in height all around the shower. The proper shower board is installed with more cement applied on top of the shower pan liner sloped toward the drain.

Waiting for to dry we continue with our liquid rubber membrane coating with fibreglass mesh on all joints and over the cement floor. When this is dry the shower is completely waterproofed.

The shower walls and the floor are tiled and grouted with stain-resistant grout. A glass shower door is installed to complete the shower.

If you are looking to convert an old bathtub into a beautiful walk-in shower with a seat give us a call or contact us. for your free in-home consultation.


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